Remembering Patricia “Pat” Demers

Pat DemersWe could list all of the amazing accomplishments of this great woman that have been shared nationally this morning.  From being a scorer at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles to receiving the 2012 International Volleyball Hall of Fame Mintonette Medallion of Merit Award.

But what hasn’t really been shared is ‘ impact on volleyball officiating – not only in our tight-knit circle – but internationally as well. If you referee volleyball, we can guarantee that you have been impacted or influenced by Pat one way or another.  For most, your mentor, coach or teacher was a student of Pat Demers.

Kathy Ferraraccio travels overseas almost on a yearly basis to teach referees how to officiate volleyball.  Kathy was a student of Pat Demers.

If you think you’ve received sound advice as a referee, it was probably something that your mentors heard from Pat Demers.

Two years ago, we initiated the Patricia Demers High School Coach of the Year Award.  We are so proud that Pat was on hand to present the inaugural award to Kathy McBride of Central High School.  Then last year, Tyler Wingate of Westfield High School was the recipient of the award.  The Western New England Board of Volleyball Officials will continue to honor Pat Demers by distributing the award on a yearly basis.

So I say to all volleyball officials everywhere:  Pat Demers would not want us to mourn her passing.  What she would want, is for us to celebrate her life… because after all, for many of us, life without volleyball would be hard to imagine.

Thank you Pat for the long rides to the Berkshires, Burlington, VT. and beyond.  Thank you for the referee assignments and for the recommendations to work matches we probably didn’t deserve at the time.  Thank you for helping us grow to be the best versions of ourselves.

Thank you for showing us how it’s supposed to be done right.

Rest in peace Patricia, we’ve got it from here.

Credit: Western New England Board of Volleyball Officials on Facebook.