Nominations for the 2019 MGVCA All State teams are due by October 29, 2019. Members will discuss the nominees at our annual meeting on Nov 3, 2019, review stats as posted on MaxPreps, and decide on the final MGVCA All State teams.

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Players must be nominated via our website by Tuesday October 29th, 2019. Coaches must be a​ ​member of the association to nominate.

  1. Member coaches may nominate any player they see fit, not just their own players.
  2. A player previously voted onto the All State team is NOT guaranteed a spot and will have to be re-nominated.
  3. MaxPreps statistics are required for any player to be considered, and must be uploaded by October​ ​29th, 2019
***Notes on statistics ***
Statistics are an important part of the All-State process. The MGVCA board will be checking
Maxpreps on September 30 th and then again October 15th and October 29th to ensure the best players​ ​are being represented. Please be faithful in posting your stats after every game.
There will be an​ ​email reminder in September, after that it is up to you to completely post stats on a weekly basis to​ ​ensure your players are not penalized come voting time. If stats are not up to date by October 15th ,​ ​you will be limited to one nomination.

Maxpreps provides a nice set of statistical definitions. Please read them to ensure we are all doing it right!

Consideration / Voting: (November 3 rd 10:00AM Quincy High School)

  1. If a coach is not present, no more than one player from their school will be considered.
  2. Coaches should be present at this meeting or send a school representative. Coach must be a​ ​member in good standing to vote (paid in full/membership MGVCA.)
  3. Voting is done in two rounds:
    1. First by division, and by the coaches present. Any member school may have only one voting​ ​member cast a ballot. A player must receive a quorum (50% or more votes) to be selected to​ ​the All State team in the first round.
    2. A second round of voting will be chosen by the board to fill the remaining slots. All decisions​ ​are final.
    3. There will be up to 18 players to represent divisions 1 & 2; and up to 16 players will represent​ ​division 3.
    4. Final selections will then be posted on our website and forwarded to local media outlets including​ ​the Boston Globe and Boston Herald.