The MGVCA would like to inform our membership and coaches at large about the recent recommended rule change to the MIAA which, if approved, will have a significant impact on the future of girls’ volleyball

This past February, the Blue Ribbon Committee voted to ELIMINATE the MIAA rule modifications, #83.5.1 and 83.5.2. This is the first step in the process of the rule being removed. If approved by the MIAA BOD, this change would go into effect in Fall 2021.

Rule 83.5.1 states: “It is a fault for a male player on a mixed gender girls’ team to attack a ball, if, on contact, the ball is both completely above the height of the net and in the ‘front zone.’ The play becomes illegal when the ball has completely crossed the net untouched or is legally blocked by an opponent.

Rule 83.5. 2 states, “Only female players are permitted to participate in a completed block.” Girls net height (7 feet, 4⅛ inches) and boys net height (7-11⅝)

MGVCA’s concerns if this proposal is adopted by the MIAA:

  • The potential negative impact on the integrity of both the girls’ and boys’ volleyball programs
  • Safety and health implications for all athletes if boys’ are allowed to play front row on a girls’ net height
  • Resulting competitive disparity