Lending Library

New Library Titles

The MGVCA has been able to add a new series of tapes to the video library.

Julie Morgan (Illinois State) Serving Mechanics
Jim Stone (Ohio State) Offensive Training
Don Shaw (Stanford) Designing Offense to fit Personel
Cindy Fredrick (Washington State) Competitive Drills
Dr. Tom Tukco (San Jose State) Motivating Your Athletes
Dave DeGroot (Univ of California) Setting Techniques/Training
Jim Cherniss (Saint Mary’s) Old Problems, New Solutions
Don Shaw (Stanford) Pre/Post Season Practice
Julie Morgan (Illinois State) Leadership and Match Behavior
Fran Ralston-Flory (Kentucky) Team Concepts for Volleyball
Fran Ralston-Flory (Kentucky) Creativity in Your System
Teri Clemens (Wash. Univ./St. Louis) Advanced Transition
Al Scates (UCLA) Developing Championship Teams
Darlene Bailey (Boise State) Individual Defensive Skills
John Dunning (Pacific) The Mental Side to Setting
Bill Neville (Washington) Blocking Techniques
Al Scates (UCLA) Organizing Practice Sessions
Don Shaw (Stanford) Setter Training
Cindy Fredrick (Washington State) Multiple Offense Training
Brian Gimmillaro (Long Beach State) Individual Skill Development
Joe Worlund (Wash. Univ/St. Louis) Transition
John Cook (Wisconsin) Practice Plan and Design
Joe Worlund (Wash. Univ/St. Louis) Setting
Rosie Wegrich (Cal Poly-Pomona) Back Court Skills: Serve/Receive
Rich Luenemann (St. Francis) Middle-Up Defense
Dave DeGroot (Univ of California) Team Defense: Non-ball Movement
Bill Neville (Washington) Jump Training
Peggy Martin (Central Missouri) The Slide Attack
Teri Clemens (Wash. Univ./St. Louis) Setter Options
John Cook (Wisconsin) Designing a Defense